Data Sharing Manager/My sharing

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My sharing, the default view in Data Sharing Manager, displays a simple view of your projects, and data sharing and processing agreements.

Use this section to help you to:

View My sharing

  1. Access Data Sharing Manager.
  2. If required, in the Navigation side menu, click My sharing .

View your data agreement details

  1. View My sharing.
  2. Click the link of the required agreement or project to view the details screen.
  3. If required, click the tab links to display details for one or more of the following:
    • Purposes
    • Benefits
    • Regions
    • Projects (Data Sharing Agreements only)
    • Publishers
    • Subscribers (Data Sharing Agreements only)
    • Documents
    • Cohorts
    • Data sets
    The number of items is displayed next to each tab link.
  4. To edit, click the link of the required item.
    The relevant details screen is displayed.
    You can only edit existing details if you have the correct user and project permissions. If you do not have the correct permissions, the edit functionality is not available to your user.

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