Data Sharing Manager/Reporting

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Locality leads use Reporting in Data Sharing Manager to view the organisations that are linked to their data sharing agreements, data processing agreements, and projects.

You can only view reports if you have the correct user and project permissions.

Use this section to help you to:

View Reporting

  1. Access Data Sharing Manager.
  2. If required, in the Navigation side menu, click Reporting.
    Click next to Name to order the reports and use the page navigations to show more rows per page or to easily access another page.

View reports

  1. View Reporting.
  2. Click the link of the required project.
  3. In Publisher Report, select the required data processing agreement, data sharing agreement, or project report.
    The following statistics for the selected item are displayed:
    • Total number of organisations
    • Total number of organisations
    • Total number of organisations with sharing activated
    • Total number of organisations in error
    • Total number of organisations not in error
    • Supplier breakdown
    The following organisation details are also displayed:
    • Name
    • ODS code
    • CCG
    • Agreement
    • Last received
    • In error
    • System supplier
    • Reference
    • Sharing activated
  4. To download the selected report as a .csv file, click .

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