Creating a DDS wiki watchlist

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Use the watchlist to notify you of changes and updates to any DDS wiki page.

You must be a registered user to create a watchlist.

Add a page to a watchlist

Navigate to the required page and then select the star icon .

A page already in your watchlist will be marked with a blue star. If you want to remove pages from your watchlist, click on the blue star icon.

Using your watchlist

On the watchlist display, some page names appear in bold. This indicates whether or not you have visited the page to see the change. It's a bit like read/unread emails in an email inbox.

Email notifications

To enable wiki watchlist email notifications, confirm your email address in Preferences > User profile > Email options.

To receive email notifications for pages on your watchlist:

  1. From the top user options, click Preferences.
  2. Select the User profile tab.
  3. In the Email options section, select Email me when a page or a file on my watchlist has changed.
You must click the link from the email notification to visit the page, while you are logged in, if you want to be notified of further changes to the same page.
Use the Preferences > Watchlist tab option to tailor your watchlist preferences.

For more information see Mediawiki Help:Watchlist