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The DDS code is now held on a private GitHub repository -

See the following table for a description of each repository:

Repository Description
Api Base API framework classes - common endpoints, startup/shutdown listeners, CORS helper
Cache Generic Cache, XML Marshaller pool, ObjectMapper pool, Cache manager
ConfigManager Config management, connects to config db via main env vars, handles default and app specific configuration
EDS Main data service package, contains messaging api, queuereader, subscriber, config/monitor UI and utilities (inc. IM Updater)
EdsClient EDS Client wrapper class for sending messages into DDS
EdsCore Low level common business code - data access layers, helper utilities
EmisExtractValidator A data validation tool for EMIS Web extracts. Checks relational integrity across an extract or set of extracts, and allows inspection of data changes across extracts
Enterprise Enterprise application
Fhir FHIR helper classes
FHIR-Profiles FHIR Profile extensions XML files
HL7Receiver HL7 receiver and transformation engine
Keycloak Keycloak mapper provider & keycloak theme for login
Security Keycloak security utilities, mostly superceeded by User manager & data sharing manager
SFTPReader SFTP reader application
Transforms Main transformation library
Utility Low level utility code - such as slack integration, metrics helpers
Angular4 Angular (v4 - Bootstrap) common library - such as helpers, application frame, common controls/components
Angular8 Angular (v8 - Material) common library - such as helpers, application frame, common controls/components
AuthAPI Keycloak token wrapper API
CodeSetManager maintains the code sets being used by the Data Generator project
Data-Assurance FHIR data assurance application - operates from main FHIR store
DataGenerator Repository containing the code for generating the data for extraction purposes - includes IM map updater stored procs
DatasetExtractor Various applications to extract Discovery reports
DatasetManager maintains the datasets (being used by extracts) in the DataGenerator project
DataSharingManager Main data sharing manager application
DDSFHIRExtractor Various applications to extract Discovery reports
DiscoveryAccessValve Tomcat valve to check user in token has access to application
DiscoveryQueryLibrary A public repository to store and share useful SQL scripts, value/code sets, project data sets or anything else related to building reporting services with the Discovery Data Service project
discovery-versions Centralized maven version control file
Explorer New dashboard application
getFHIRRecordAPI New FHIR record extract API
HL7-Data-Extract-Utility Utility for extracting HL7 messages out of the given db
HL7v2API A public API for receiving HL7v2 messages
NationalDataOptout New spine service
PatientKnowsBest FHIR extract tool to push data to PKB
RecordViewer New integrated care record viewer
Registration Discovery account creation application
Scheduler maintains the extracts being used by the Data Generator project
TPPDDS Client uploader and patch application for TPP Discovery transfers
UI-AuditTrail A shared library for adding audit trail functionality to apps with UIs
UserManager Main user manager application